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Financial Success is Inevitable with Gregory Bennett as your Coach and Mentor!


With an experienced mentor by your side, you’ll gain the education, tools and strategies you need to achieve extraordinary success in your real estate investment business.

Gregory’s personal guidance, support and hands-on approach will be a game changer in your quest to build wealth and obtain financial freedom.  He brings an element of accountability and places you on the right track so that you can minimize risk, avoid pitfalls, close profitable deals and make more money, from the beginning. 

As Gregory’s Protégé, you’ll Adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Gain Confidence. Get Results. Reach Your Financial Destiny. Transform Your Life!

Here’s What You’ll Get with our Coaching Program:

  • On-Demand Real Estate Investing Online Course Modules
  • Weekly LIVE Group Q&A Conference Calls
  • 12 Private 1 –on -1 Teleconferences
  • Full Access To Coach Accountable – Accountability Software
  • Goal Setting Activities
  • Marketing and Business Plan Set Up
  • Greg Bennett’s Personal Investor Toolkit
  • 30-Day Social Media Branding/Marketing Campaign Template
  • Step-By-Step Video Training, Anytime, Anywhere
    • Fast Track Wholesaling, Fixing-and Flipping for Huge Profit, Long-Term Wealth Buy-and-Hold Strategies
  • Funding Resources
    • Introductions to Hard Money, Private and Commercial Lenders
  • Online Group Mastermind Forum
    • Ask Questions, Exchange Ideas, Grow Business Relationships
  • Free Admission to Regular LIVE Training Boot Camps
  • Additional In-Depth Business Growth Training with Real Estate Investment Specialists
  • Deal Evaluations
  • Retirement Strategies

Free 45 Minute Strategy Call


Here’s what a few of Gregory’s coaching students have said this past year about his coaching program and mentorship: 

“I came to Gregory’s Bootcamp and joined his Coaching Program…I started cold calling leads . . .  Gregory helped me with everything . . . . Within a month of calling, I got a lead and WHOLESALED THE PROPERTY FOR $25,000.  It’s been a great experience and has taught me don’t give up!” 

“We’ve had a good experience flipping properties . . . we bought 3 properties for the first time this year . . . it looked intimidating but . . . we’ve learned a lot from Gregory about our marketing, . . . being detail oriented, how to find and deal with contractors, and . . . how to get financing.  The other coaching students also had a chance to visit our property . . . it was a nice experience . . . .” 

“I joined Gregory’s coaching program this year. . . . I’ve learned a lot about flipping and wholesaling properties.  I learned how to market to probate leads . . . and learned how to effectively find and use virtual assistants . . . I MADE $15,000 FROM MY WHOLESALE DEAL.” 

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